Are we asking the right questions from our club ?

If You Want Change – Do Something.


Before you go any further, I want to state that you should read this as my views and only my views. Because I am a business owner, they are the views that drive the mission of my company, Performance Unlimited, and the decisions that we make every day. The relationships that we form, the people that we choose to and not to be associated with, the words we believe and the words we speak…are all formed by these views.

My view is that the state of youth soccer is dire and needs a bold direction from people in high places within the thrones of clubs and organizations that may not be willing to make such drastic changes.

…Although it’s on the verge of collapse, it does not look to change any time soon.

The evidence of my views begins within my own business (a supplemental training company specializing in developing the specific performance parameters within soccer) and the fact that our gross annual revenue has grown every year since it was created in 2010. I would love to say that it is solely due to my savvy entrepreneur mindset, but I know better. Point being, why should a soccer specific training company exist, much less thrive, amongst several “full service” soccer clubs?

With it, an entire industry has been built around youth soccer…” non-profit” soccer clubs with thousands of members and millions in revenue are normal and plentiful. A new competitive soccer league is formed every year so every club may have a “top-tiered” team. There are more resources for players to get better, than ever before. Futsal, college recruiting companies, showcases, ID camps (…oh, the camps), international trips, personal trainers, mental coaches, nutritionists, etc…

…but we have a much higher injury rate per participant than ever before, young players are reporting less enjoyment and much higher stress than ever before, and moreover there is no evidence that we are generating better players.

My objective here is to start a conversation, not to provide an absolute solution but begin to shape an objective look at what could be. But may never be.

In the next 4-part series, I want to point a finger and question the intentions of those directly involved in the youth development process.

And it all starts with me…

  • Part I – The Privatization of Training
  • Part II – The Intentions Behind Non Profit Club Soccer
  • Part III – The Role of the Soccer Parent
  • Part IV – Are Colleges and Recruiting the Real Problem?  
Performance Unlimited and its services work to guide the processes of progressing the 4 foundations (mental, technical, physical, lifestyle) to achieving highly skilled results according to the needs of the athlete.
We believe every person, no matter of their current age/goals/or fitness level, is an athlete and fits within a systemic path to attaining their individual goals based on developing specific skills within a 1. quality of movement, 2. clarity of mind, and a 3. value for life.
Our role, is to lead the athlete on this journey by Evaluating the current level, Engaging in their specific goals within the 3 foundations, Educating why each step of the process is necessary, and Executing how to achieve success.

Our idea/mission is to educate players on movement literacy within personal, team, and club settings. We will change the way that soccer develops youth and we will bring back the game