RockTape PMT May 17, 2015

PMT Perry Charlotte NC 2015

May 17, 2015 Charlotte, NC

Join the ranks of Healthcare and Fitness

professionals certified in performance

Performance Movement Techniques (PMT) introduces the concept of movement

therapy and performance enhancement to creative simple and effective home care

mobility and stability programs. Tools (balls, bands, rollers and kinesiology tape) will

be used to tackle an evidence-informed, joint by joint approach to movement and

functional rehabilitation.


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You’re getting fat reading this!

Sit Less, Move More, Live Longer­

Sarah Cook – Performance Unlimited MS, RDN, LDN

Standing Workstations Coming to an Office near You!

Sleeping-e1369768892254Its’ a huge part of all of our lives. Even if we are active outside of work, we still spend majority of our time each day week, sitting down at a desk behind our computers typing away. We’ve known for many years that getting enough physical activity and eating healthful foods is the recipe for overall long term health, right? Well, things got a little more complex and little less clear when a study released earlier this year, highlighted that even the daily moderate-to-intense exerciser may be at long term health risk. One health expert has gone so far as to say, “Sitting is the new Smoking” to explain the phenomenon. Nothing like increased chronic disease and mortality risk references in the opening paragraph to garner your attention. I promise, it gets better from here!

Let’s face it, it’s not like we live in a world where it’s practical to be physically active all day long. We live in the age of connectivity via screen time; sitting meetings and environments that are geared towards making being sedentary the easy thing and sometimes our only option (think escalators, elevators, trains, taxis). What is a working professional to do when concerned about their long-term health, while also busy juggling the demands of clients and the needs of their busy home lives?

The solution, researchers say, isn’t as straightforward as we once thought. Based on a study released earlier this year in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, it is no longer believed to be effective to sit for the average six (or more) hours at work and then head to the gym afterward in an attempt to reduce our risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and untimely death. That’s because evidence suggests that the negative effects of extended periods of sitting cannot be counteracted by brief bouts of strenuous exercise. The answer, as the most recent research has shown us, is to incorporate standing, pacing and other forms of activity throughout your normal day. What’s more is that those 30-60 minutes of physical activity that are recommended for adults to achieve each day for overall good health? Those can be broken up into intervals and achieved on-the-go as you dominate your day. 5 minute interval stair sprints before lunch anyone?

There are many ways to improve your health throughout the workday. Here are a few:

  1. Behold the standing desk. Once a curious proposition, used by eccentrics – now a health conscious, smarter waywalkstation to work and one of the best ways to combat a sedentary day in the office.  Simply put, the only way to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of prolonged sitting is to not do it. Metabolically speaking, standing desks also reign superior to the seat. Standing burns 1.36 more calories per minute than sitting. If you multiply that by 8 hours, you’re talking about 500 more calories burned in a day.
  2. Take a 5 minute standing or walking break. Go outside, do laps around the office, walk the stairs. Or just stand and stretch at your desk. As little as 5 minutes of time spent up and on your feet will aid in promoting circulation, which slows when we sit for long periods. Also, a growing body of evidence shows that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves productivity and creativity and that skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion. Find time to schedule these in throughout days when you find you are sitting for prolonged periods of time.
  3. Walk-and-Talk Meetings. Get out from behind the desk, and take your next internal meeting on the fly. Walk around the inside of your building or outside as you talk in lieu of sitting in the office. Walk-and-talks are best for exploring an idea, building a shared purpose or getting to know a co-worker.
  4. Pace out the Call. If you are in an office or have the ability to stand while taking a call, give it a try. Consider pacing or stretching while on the call. Sitting for long periods promotes a tighter and shortened hip flexor muscle which can lead to limited range of motion and stride length over time. Counteract this imbalance with a standing hip flexor stretch while on the phone and take multi-tasking to a new level!

What else can you think of? What simple, small changes do you engage in to incorporate moving more and sitting less at work? I’m always looking for new ideas to share with our clients, so don’t hesitate to let me know you’re thoughts!


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Hottest Topic In Sports Science: Recovery

We talk so much about training and the best exercises to do when and how, etc… But the hottest topic on the industry, today, is all about recovery. Adaptations to the training is made between the sessions and the old adage of “your body is only as good as its ability to recover” rings true as the level gets higher.

Check out some of the best ideas for recovering between your training and games, in this presentation I gave in the summer of 2014.




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Why are we Warming Up?

Just thought some people might find this powerpoint interesting. I created this for Wingate University’s women’s soccer team for our Pre Season Performance lecture series.

PreparingToWin_WarmUp copy

Below is a link to a video of a similar warm up that we did for a local youth club:



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Protein 101: Why, How Much, and When

Are you like most people? Do you have a half-empty barrel of protein powder in your pantry that you purchased after imageswatching a mid afternoon special episode of Dr. Oz? Or do you work with a guy that lives off of protein shakes and preaches from the church of the smoothie. They berate your diet for its lack of protein and are always trying to lead you to buy a tub of protein powder…but do you really need this and if so, what’s the deal?

We are going to work to give you the low down on protein basics, the summary of research, and what science says about how much and when.

Why Protein?

There is no argument about the fact that essential nutrition is made up of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The argument begins when discussing how much of each of these nutrients we should be taking in. Of course, the answer is dependent on the individual’s goals, body comp, and training program but I will work to give principles that allow you to make easy decisions for your specific scenario.

As you probably know, entire books are written every year and a multi-billion dollar industry continues to grow around how to successfully eat the right ratio of nutrients to gain or lose weight. Although the key to looking good is to obtain an ideal composition of fat and lean body mass, however the scope of this article is not going to touch on the subject of aesthetics. More so, we will look to clear up a couple of questions regarding the building and conservation of lean mass (muscle) in relation to sports performance and exercise.


A Bit of Science

Most any fitness goals (performance or body comp related) demand a certain amount of stress put on the body for changes to be made. And if your goals have anything to do with increasing lean muscle and burning fat, you best believe that stress should be focused into appropriate strength and conditioning in order to force a change in your body structure. These changes stem from specific break down in the tissue structure and a necessary release of hormones that create an anabolic environment. This environment creates a positive rebuild of tissue and release of hormones dependent on the amount of amino acid available in the body. These amino acids are broken down through dietary protein.

amino_acidBecause the amino acids that make up our proteins are responsible for everything from our structure, to our hormones, to our enzymes, to our immune chemicals, dietary protein is critical. Although our body can make certain amino acids, if we are not getting a diet rich in the essential amino acids, we cease to function.

In addition, without adequate daily protein intake, small daily losses from amino acid breakdown will eventually put us in a negative protein balance. While carbs and fats are pretty well maintained, it’s actually quite difficult to maintain a constant amino acid pool without dietary intervention. Amino acids are constantly lost through various forms (including exercise, diets, and normal bodily functions) and therefore the only way to replenish them is to ingest protein through the diet. If protein intake falls below daily amino acid loss, things like enzymes and structural proteins are cannibalized. If this persists long enough, our bodies vital functions begin to shut down.

Since, I’m pretty sure you’re not interested in that happening, let’s talk about what we can do. First off, we need to talk about how much we need?

How Much?

The recommended minimum protein intake for sedentary, generally healthy adults is 0.8g of protein per kg of body mass, simply to prevent protein deficiency. This translates to about 55 g of protein per day for a 150 lb individual.

During high intensity training, these needs may be increased to about 1.4 to 2.0 g of protein per kg of body mass. This is between 95 and 135 g of protein per day for a 150 lb individual. Similar increases in protein intake above the 0.8 g/kg baseline are recommended during periods of low energy intake (dieting) or low carb intake.

Some research suggests that higher amounts of protein in the diet may be vital for immune function, metabolism, satiety, weight management and performance. Therefore, many experts recommend around 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight with no negative effects.

Clearly, a high amount of protein is needed to continue our natural processes even without the additional needs for periods 3215367691_103367572_XS_xlargeof intense exercise. And unless you are keeping boiled chicken at your desk, I can assume that you are not getting these high amounts in your daily routine. In fact, in my 11 years of training athletes and at every age, I can count on my hand, the times that anyone has had an appropriate grasp on their protein intake.

For this reason, we have seen the huge influx of smoothies and shakes becoming a part of everyday popular culture. Drinking your veggies and protein is a convenient way to continue our “on-the-go” lifestyles and get the necessary daily nutrients. In comes, Protein Powders…

What kind?

There are hundreds of different brands of protein powders from a varied source of proteins. I will highlight and give a quick detail to just a few of the most popular, but recommend the Precision Nutrition article here (, written by Ryan Andrews.

Sources of Protein

This argument usually begins with the vegetable protein vs. animal proteins. If you are a vegan and do not want to take in any animal nutrition, then by all means, go vegetable but be careful that you are supplementing with other sources that can give you the essential amino acids that are not found in most vegetable food sources.  Most vegetable proteins are blends of different sources of proteins. Make sure that you are reading the label for what types are included and know that this may include genetically modified veggies.

The most researched form of animal protein is definitely cow protein in the form of whey. Whey is shown to be the most bio-available (meaning that a large portion of it can be absorbed and used by the body) and quickest to be digested. The fall back is that some people are intolerant or sensitive to lactose that is contained in whey products.

How the Powder is made?

Other than the source of protein, the process of how the powder is processed is highly important in choosing the right type for your needs. Other than the ones listed below, some others to consider are hydrolyzed, ionized powders. We will only consider the most popular in this article.

Concentrates – these powders are created by using a high heat process to concentrate the protein along with several other additional natural extras from the whole food (fat, cholesterol, lactose) and create an affordable protein powder. It is usual for these powders to have 60-70% protein, by weight.

Isolates – just as it sounds, the process (through alcohol wash, water wash, or ionization) isolates the protein without the other aspects of the whole food, and then goes through a filtration. This can make the powder more expensive, but does not contain the fats, carbs, or cholesterols. These proteins regularly contain 90-95% protein, by weight.

Bio Availability

The next consideration of how much to take and what type, is how to ensure that you will be able to absorb and utilize the protein that you are drinking. Bioavailability is the term used in reference to this notion of absorption. In several different research studies (reference: , it has been show that liquid takes about 1.5 hours to pass through the portion of the intestines that actually absorbs the protein for utilization. During this time, protein is maximally absorbed at the rate of 8-10g of protein per hour…so a maximum of 15g of protein is about all we will get out of our protein shake.

The kicker is that there are ways to slow down this liquid passing through the intestine and speeding up the absorption rate. One way to speed up the absorption, in the intestines, is to include digestive enzymes with the protein. This has been shown to increase amino acid levels by 127%, versus 30% without the enzymes.


We have discussed how much, types of protein and how to increase our absorption, but the most important aspect of taking a shake is timing. A missed opportunity or poorly timed shake can mean the vast majority of your drink is never absorbed and your body is stuck looking for other ways to replenish its amino pool. This can be the difference between your body breaking down muscle or your its ability to build/keep your treasured lean mass.

Here are the quick facts about timing as it relates to Working Out according to a review of literature on the subject (

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.37.50 AMIt has been shown that a meal can provide enough anabolic effects for ~5-6 hour after eating. With this being said, it is best to follow these guidelines to take in ~20g of protein in relation to your training…

If you train fasted, in the morning or ~ 5 hours after a meal -> it is best to have your protein  shake prior to or during your workout and for best results, you may want to pair that with a carb.

If you have eaten ~3 hours prior to working out -> it is best to have a shake immediately after your workout

If you have eaten 1-2 hours prior to your workout -> you can wait to take in your shake for 1-2 hours after your workout or get to your next meal.


  • It is recommended to take in 1-2 grams per kg of bodyweight in protein, per day with recommendations as high as 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.
  • If you do not have any food sensitivities, consider taking a whey protein isolate source if supplementation is desired, due to the most complete nutritional profile and absorption ability
  • Include digestive enzymes with your powder, in order to increase your absorption rate 4-5x the same powder without the enzymes
  • Consider the timing of your last meal, in order to most effectively decide when to take your protein shake

Performance Unlimited has created a private label brand of cold filtered whey protein isolate, based on the research presented above. Hormone and Gluten free, extremely high bio-availability due to including digestive enzymes, and never any artificial ingredients.

Protein ProteinLabeld

Source: Berardi J, Andrews R. The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition. 2014.

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Parents: Don’t Shoot the Messenger! You May Be the Reason…

Last week I wrote a post about how young players can take control of how much attention they are given, in try outs, by exacerbating a few key “controllable” character traits that coaches get excited about. Naturally, by giving insight and insider information on the “realities” within the game, I had a little backlash from some parents that may not have liked everything they read. I will take this opportunity to admit, I have come to accept that writing or having opinions worth any merit will probably result in a large mob chasing after me with pitchforks and torches.

Without further a due, I invite you to have your favorite hay bailing tool by your side and keep the kerosine close, as the remainder of this post may not put me in the best grace’s with most of you.

Enter Harsh Reality…

I proudly consider Performance Unlimited the “missing link” that exists between the parent and the coach. We are a truly neutral party towards all clubs and teams, and can freely give real, non-partisan, information to everyone that asks for our services. We have no dog in the fight, and have turned down opportunities within clubs because I value this position greatly. Our staff will never recommend players move to a club, however we often give recommendations on coaches that I feel create the right environment for the player in question. These coaches vary greatly across the city, with a variety of different clubs.

It is my belief that parents appreciate our program, because we naturally create a nonjudgmental and confident environment within our training facility, that allows the player to blossom into surpassing potential. The coach can appreciate us (well, most coaches), because we have the time and resources to make sure that each player is progressing in the manner that said coach feels is best. We exist as an extension of the team coach and a voice for the parents.

With that being said, I can also give all parties a bit of truth which should come of no surprise to either entity. Parents and coaches rarely have a relationship where positive and clear communication exists. Therefore, each side has quite a bit of frustration pent up that may never get out until it is too late or rears itself as an all out shouting match. When either side does try to do the right thing and say what is on their mind, judgement often ensues and typically everyone walks away more angry than before.

I have made no secret that the 2-3 weeks prior to tryouts are not my favorite time of year, and I have witnessed and heard of too many instances where parents are doing more harm for their children than good. Every coach has their “crazy parent” story…EVERY COACH! And I feel it is my duty to let parents in on what may irk the very person that has the ability to make your beloved son or daughter’s next year of soccer a great experience or a nightmare. Remember, do not shoot the messenger, as I am sure these examples do not include you or your past actions…but be aware so that they never do become a part of your interactions with your child’s soccer career.

Here is a list of things you, as a parent, may want to avoid, prior to tryouts or any other time, for that matter:

  1. Giving the coach an assessment of where your child should play. Whether it be position, team, or any other “expert” advice you may have from your illustrious Lincoln High class of ’82 (the golden years of American player development) career. This is single-handedly the last opinion that you should be giving to a professional coach.
  2. Calling the coach every day. If your coach or DOC is not answering the phone, it is, most likely, for a good reason…they don’t want to hear you go through the first mention on this list. All you need is one very simple and justifiable conversation that would introduce yourself (or touch base, if you know them already) and say that your son/daughter is looking forward to the chance to be at tryouts. Enough said. Don’t allow the coach to create a picture of you “calling them at midnight, after practice, next year because you want to talk about how little Johnny is a natural striker, not an outside back”.
  3. Letting yourself get anxious or nervous before tryouts. This is not your world, parents. If you want your child to be on the team that is best for them, they need to play well, and the way to ensure that they do not play well is to be an absolute ball of nerves leading up to tryouts. Kids are the most intuitive people on earth…they know you like the back of their hands. When you are suddenly having them attend every session that the DOC is putting on, buying them $150 pairs of cleats, and telling them that “if they don’t move up a team, then they should give up the sport”…they are automatically going to freak out.
  4. Relating personal status with team name. This is the most applicable to youth soccer. I understand that you want what is best for your child, and you exist to protect them from harm. However, the name Predator or Gold after their year of birth, does not make them any more of a person than playing Recreational soccer. What a person does on the field does not reflect on who they are. You have to believe that and preach that value to your children, or it will be a long and expensive road.
  5. Using political ties or other means to allow your child to be where they do not deserve. This not only effects the team where the player ends up, but it will effect the player as an individual. A lower level player on an upper level team, is a liability for the development of the team and the individual. Most often, the year spent on the upper team will swing the pendulum for the player far in the opposite direction. The player ends up moving down and the confidence of that player has been killed because they have sat the bench for a year and compared themselves unrealistically to others much more capable. Shame on you and shame on the coach for allowing it!
The summary of all of this is, we each play a role for your child’s development. His/her “team” does not stop with the 10 other players on the field. The game coach, the parents, the trainer, and the siblings all play a huge part on how far a player can go in this sport. Make sure that the part you play is a positive one that does not step outside of your role. You are not their coach (even if you do know about the game), you are not their friend, you are not their baby sitter. You are there to teach them core values and character traits that allows them to create their own environment, despite how good or bad the team environment may be. The skill sets you teach will allow them to always be confident about themselves, not worry about the team they are on, not be eternally scarred by the yelling coach on the side lines, and not be fearful of making a mistake. You are there to pick them up when they need you and to celebrate who they are, not what they do. You need to focus on being the coach for the more important game of life and the values that will allow them to succeed for the years beyond the game.
This game will pass, trust me, it will be quick. Our time is precious and every moment is a learning opportunity for these young people to play what they love and learn valuable lessons from it. Focus on this, and what is best for each person to learn this appropriately. I would love to say that there is a club that exists with those same missions for each player…but we all know that is far from reality. However, I can say with confidence that Performance Unlimited has the personal development focus while creating a more effective player. It is who we are and what we strive to work on with every individual person.

For more information on Jeremy Boone, Parent Your Best, or how to play your parent role to the best of your ability, visit:



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Performance Unlimited is new training home for Charlotte Eagles




Performance Unlimited and USL PRO’s Charlotte Eagles are thrilled to announce their partnership for the 2014 season. The Eagles are coming off a historic 2013 run as the runner’s up in the national finals with a heart breaking loss to Orlando City. With a ton of new talent from the top college soccer programs in the country and a slew of players with MLS experience, this years team is setting it’s expectations high.

It’s a natural fit for both Eagles and Performance because of the shared values in developing both personally and professionally within the game of soccer. It will be great to get to know the staff and the players on a level that extends beyond the field.

Performance Unlimited will play the role of strength and conditioning and a supplemental training home for the men’s side, during their 2014 campaign. President, John Lytton, will be heading the relationship along with the Performance staff to work closely with the Eagles coaching staff in order to provide supplemental training developing team and individual strength training, speed, prevention of injury, and nutritional intervention. 

okaiCharlotteIt all starts with a series of testing that we will administrate with each player already signed with the team and those players in trial situations. This will give the staff a good view of the teams current physical condition and know the next step we may need to provide…Our vision is to give a bit of insight into the players physiological state of readiness for training intensity and competition as well as strategies to continue to profess their fitness and maintain health throughout a long season. -John Lytton

For more info on the Charlotte Eagles, go to their website at and check back to our blog for updates and insights on how we are helping Charlotte’s only professional men’s soccer team reach their best.

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Performance signs with Pro Player Agency



Performance Unlimited is pleased to announce the continued growth of our services to the highest quality of player development available. It has always been our mission to be industry leaders for physical performance in the world of soccer, and the recognition of well respected player agent Adam Pastore and his agency, Carolina Sports Agency, is a large step in achieving this goal.

“This is a great partnership for Carolina Sports Agency and our athletes.  The entire staff at Performance Unlimited is proficient, passionate, and committed to providing outstanding service to clients, and we could not ask for a better partner.”

CSA Logo

Carolina Sports Agency is the representing entity for a host of professional players across several different leagues, including a large portion within the MLS. Based in Charlotte, CSA representation includes several local players that have gone on to sign MLS contracts, including Giuseppe Gentile, Jared Watts, and Alex Martinez. The tireless personal service that Adam is able to give his players is a large part of why so many young MLS stars are choosing CSA.

giussi_CHI_FIREAdam always has my best interest in mind and he cares about me as a person.  Both he and John work hard to provide the best service to their clients. It has already paid off for me, as I continue to develop as a professional. -Giuseppe Gentile: Chicago Fire


alex_martinez_kcAdam is an extremely hard working guy.  He is always available no matter the time or circumstances, and he has 100% confidence in his players. -Alex Martinez: Sporting KC


Carolina Sports Agency allows me as a player to only have to focus on performing at the highest level possible.  Adam is always honest and he looks out for the best interest of his players. -Jared Watts: Colorado Rapids

The modern game of soccer demands a much higher respect to the physical side of the game and that these players are provided the appropriate resources that can give them the necessary expertise and facilities while they are away from their teams. It will be our role, at Performance, to work with the professional players in all soccer-specific aspects of physical development, in order to ensure/improve the longevity and success of their career. We will communicate directly with Adam and the individual club’s fitness coaches to compliment their yearly program and work to correlate this information within our proven systems. Being the premiere soccer specific training company in Charlotte, and already garnering experience working to develop some of Carolina Sports’ current players, we feel the relationship is natural and already a positive one.

“With this partnership, our clients at CSA will have complete access to the facility and all of its services.  Performance Unlimited can help our clients in several ways, whether they are preparing for a tryout, rehabilitating from an injury, or looking for some advanced technical work in the offseason.  The benefits offered by Performance Unlimited will be instrumental in helping our clients maximize their potential.

Performance Unlimited is so much more than just a workout facility.  Every aspect of the athlete’s experience at the facility is completely personalized.  Advanced testing is used to assess each athlete to determine his body type, movement, fitness level, nutrition, and more.  The staff will even film workout sessions and break down the video with each client to help improve technique.  Each athlete performs different types of drills and workouts depending on which position he plays.  The attention to detail is incredible.  There is no question that Performance Unlimited has the formula to help athletes take their game to the next level.” -Adam Pastore: President Carolina Sports Agency

If you want your player, no matter what age or level, to get the same quality programming that the Pro’s are looking for…let us know. Send us an email at or give us a call at 704-750-0805. We will guide you through the process that is best for your situation. Classes are open enrollment and price depends on needs, frequency, and commitment.

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Performance Education Series feat. PLAY YOUR BEST SERIES


Performance Unlimited is continuing our successful start to our newest service, Performance Education. Our first event had Tim Livingston, from ACES nation come in and give a great education piece on College Recruiting. Our turn out was great and the information was even better. Now we want to build on that event and dial into the athlete and fitness enthusiast with a calendar of events that enforce our vision of becoming the leading education resource for youth sports, health, and wellness.

See the Calendar below and pass this along to all of your friends that would benefit from the topics:

  • Thursday, February 27thAthlete Mindset: Mastering Self Confidence with Jeremy Boone. This event is open to all parents and athletes, ages 12 and older. All sports are welcome. $5 registration fee for each attendee. There is a minimum of 10 that must register for event to be held. Click Here for Registration 
  • Thursday, March 6thPerformance Nutrition: Weight Loss 101 with Sarah Cook Ms, Rdn, Ldn. This event is open to the public for registration with a $5 cover charge. Click Here for Registration
  • Thursday, March 13thAthlete Mindset: Creating Mental Toughness with Jeremy Boone. This event is open to all parents and athletes, ages 12 and older. All sports are welcome. $5 registration fee for each attendee. There is a minimum of 10 that must register for event to be held. Click Here for RegistrationCoaching-springbreak5DSC_0026


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VOTE Performance Unlimited Programs in Best of Best Charlotte


Want to brag to your friends that you train with the Best in Charlotte? 

Although we do not exist for the sake of awards, we do want to get the opportunity to tell our story to a larger audience. In order to best support our mission we want others to know how valuable of a resource we have been to clients like yourself. Our services are vast and programs give every individual client something different, but we have put ourselves in the mix of categories that we feel Performance Unlimited programs best represents.

You do not have to live in Charlotte to vote…you can vote as many times as you’d like.

In order to vote, go to this link, from February 10 – February 23 and vote for PERFORMANCE UNLIMITED in the categories listed below in Services + Family:

YOU MUST VOTE FOR, at least 25% of the ballot, FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT.


Categories to Vote for Performance Unlimited:

  • Best Kids Sports Program

  • Best New Gym

  • Best Results Gym

  • Best Personal Trainer – John Lytton 

  • Any other category that you believe we deserve, feel free to put us in the vote

Thanks for all that you do for us! You guys are the Best of the Best Clients in Charlotte.


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