We Make It Too Hard: 3 Principles to Kick Start Change

I’ll tell you what, this thing called life is so easy. I mean what’s the issue? Said nobody ever… Let’s be honest, sometimes you think you have this whole thing figured out. No, that’s not true either. Okay one more shot here. Most of the time you simply get by. You do what you need to do, you punch in, and you punch out. Believe me, I’ve been there.

I, too, was out of balance. I took too many things on. Prioritized wrong and found myself checking the box, falling out of the habits that got me here, and struggling to keep up. If what they say is true, that the body is a well-oiled machine, I think the mind must be the WD-40. And too much of a good thing can make well-oiled turn into downright slippery.

Like you, I need a coach and I need guidance.

Like you, I need help.

Like you, I have things I want to change.

And like you, I can struggle to commit.

But since adding our new Precision Nutrition online programming to my equation, I’ve gained a new perspective on things. I am realizing that we make change too difficult. We make creating new habits too daunting. And we find ways to convince ourselves that we cannot do the things we have set out to do because it is difficult.

It’s easy to blame something other than yourself. It’s hard to change yourself so that there is nothing else to blame.

Like my good friend Kip Moore says, “I’m to Blame.” Man, I love Country Wednesdays at the facility.

Performance Unlimited has provided me such an incredible opportunity to observe and listen to the daily struggles and challenges we all face…and the good news is that there is hope and change is available for all of us if we keep these 3 principles in mind.

1) Be ready to change.

Just because you say it to someone or even to yourself doesn’t mean you’re ready. Change starts with asking yourself a series of questions:

One year from today, in an ideal world…

Where do you want to be?

What do you want to be able to do?

How do you want to feel?

What adventures do you want to be having?

Create your destination. I’m sick of hearing the, “I want to lose 10lbs.” Give me something better, more real, a deeper sense of why! What do you want to do when you lose those ten pounds? Rock that bathing suit you’ve always wanted at the South Carolina beach with all your friends. Bam! That’s something. Or maybe you want to run around with your kids in the backyard yard without knee and low back pain while doing front flips. Whatever it is, put something behind it. Seriously, make it real not some generic line you tell your personal trainer.

2) Embrace sacrifice.

Maybe this is a bit harsh but if you want to change something, you’ll have to sacrifice somewhere. There has to be, right? Now, when I say sacrifice I don’t mean you to stop spending time with your best friend or only eat chicken and broccoli out of Tupperware. What I mean is maybe you have to sacrifice fifteen minutes of replying to your overbearing boss or playing Candy Crush, and spend that time making a meal plan for the week. Maybe you have to cut out watching an episode of Game of Thrones at night, to get to bed earlier. Or maybe you have to stop buying the gummy worms for your son, who “has to have them” because you’re the one that devours them when he goes to sleep.

If you’re currently in a position of wanting change (I think we all do), what you’re doing right now is clearly not working. Something has to give, but understand that it doesn’t have to be a drastic. Start small. Which leads us to number 3.

3) One percent better every day. Better In Something, 1 thing,…not Everything

Imagine for a second you’re hiring a new employee for your current position. You just got promoted and are in charge of filling your role. There’s no way you could expect them to know and do everything you do by day one. Over time, though, they learn. They end up learning something new every day they are in with you. Until eventually they have the skills, habits, and knowledge to take your responsibilities away from you so you can move on.

Take that same mindset to change. I hate to say it but there’s no 30-day fix. There are 30-day starts! Reaching your goals takes concentrated effort, time, and commitment. It takes the diligence to answer some tough questions and the desire to simply improve one percent every day. One percent better is all you can ask for. Not perfect. One percent better may be simply trying a different vegetable or recipe this week. One percent better may be going to bed earlier than usual one night. One percent better may be spending five extra minutes after your workout to stretch.

One percent better is the principle of taking yourself out of your comfort zone to do something small that takes you one small step closer to your goal. Reaching your goals is about adding all these one percent differences up into a string of consistent behaviors that are in line with what you want.

Take action today with an exercise…

A simple prioritization exercise called 5-3-1st is a good way to hyper focus on where to start. Here’s how it works:

  1. Write down 5 things that you want to change or do for yourself
  2. Circle the 3 that you feel is most important and highest priority for you
  3. Highlight the 1 that would be the most fun for you to start today

You all have the strength and ability! Be real with yourself, create your destination, and commit to the challenge of reaching for something.

Good luck and email me to get involved with our online Precision Nutrition guide to healthy eating or any questions you may have.