Welcome our Newest Coach: Trent Michels

Trent Michels

  • West Point Graduate
  • Certified National Powerlifting Association coach
  • FMS
  • Precision Nutrition

As the newest coach at Performance Unlimited I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, give you a bit on insight into my background, and where I envision being able to add value to this already strong community. First off, I am thankful for all of the Performance family to welcome me into the team with wide open arms. It’s great to see a progressive group of coaches and members willing to embrace new ideas in order to progress our stories to health and fitness.

Without further ado…

Born and raised in the Pacific North West I spent my formidable years in Salem, Oregon. Not really, the most exciting of locations, but besides the vast number of vineyards that dot the country side, the Willamette Valley is well known for Strength training.

As an adolescent, I was blessed with coaches entirely invested in my athletic development, much like every participant that enters the doors of Performance Unlimited. The difference in my world came in the development of athletic capacity primarily with heavily barbells, and a strength focused program that was so effective, by my senior year of high school I had a 720 lbs squat.

Fortunately, I was recruited to play College Football in Oregon but after an injury on the football field that left me with a grueling process of 4 surgeries to repair my shoulder, I would find my calling to enter the US Army. Thus, developing my own athletic capacity in a new way became a personal mission, having to lose just shy of 100 lbs and bring my 2-mile time down from a high 18 minutes to an average time around 12:30 due to the West Point physical standards.

What I learned at West Point

The Army allowed me the opportunity to attend the United States Military Academy where the motto is, “Every Cadet, an athlete”. Besides the traditional military and physical training every Cadet endures, I pursued competition in Powerlifting, Boxing, Skydiving (as a member of the Gold Knights), and yes, even as a cheerleader. I even became the Cadet In Charge of strength and conditioning for the members of the Cheerleading team and developed the programming for my cadet company, the D-2 Dragons, as its Company Commander.

What I Bring to Performance Unlimited

As a part of Performance Unlimited, we will continue to provide you services that no other athletic development center can. While progressing the strength program within the Sports Performance service, I hope to bring solutions for what I have seen as the greatest enemy to the adolescent athlete…self doubt. I want for each young athlete, that steps through the door to develop leadership capabilities and personal confidence as well as a personal growth mindset through the medium of strength training. I would consider this to be paramount in my own training story and I know it can be that of many more.

I look forward to working with all of you soon