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Live Strong Classes

Push your ability to move at high levels by developing capacity and skills essential to an overall movement practice. Consult your Performance Specialist for advised frequency.

  • Run Club

    Train in our pacing group with your individualized running program designed to get you to your race pace or available for an enjoyable outdoor workout. All levels. Training Time = 30-60 minutes (depending on program specifics)

  • S&C - Metabolic Adaptation

    These classes are designed to develop work capacity for the individual that desires a higher level of over all fitness. Incorporating strength, cardiovascular, and athletic elements; this is a fun and engaging class that will push you to your limits. All Levels. Training Time = 60 minutes

  • Pads/ Boxing

    Must have wraps and gloves. Both gloves and wraps may be purchased at Performance Unlimited or rented for $5/session.

  • Braziliian Jiu Jistu

    Coming Soon

Move Well Classes

Use these classes to learn, develop, and refine your movement skills in joint health, stress reduction, and supple technique. This is where movers spend their time to build the efficiency that it takes to level up. Consult your Performance Specialist for advised frequency.

  • Mobility

    Joint Control is our flagship stretch class that incorporates techniques from all of our lengthening classes. This session involves slower/longer holds in end ranges and follows with combinations of stable movements to create strength within the full joint. All Levels. Training Time = 45 minutes

Reload Classes

Create energy deposits for developing the most effective program by incorporating these classes to bring your body back to peak levels. Consult your Performance Specialist for advised frequency.

  • Mindfullness

Mapping Classes

Everyone’s starting point class and continued baseline measure of how well your program is currently developing longevity and quality of life.

  • HealthSpan

    This class takes the researched and correlated metrics to increasing your quality and quantity of life through movement parameters and allows you to test your ability to meet the standards of fitness. Each class is 60 minutes and moves through physical analysis of weight, body fat, blood pressure, posture, movement screens, strength testing, and cardiorespiratory fitness to create a physical profile of where you are now and where we recommend your time should be spent within our portfolio of training.

Want $5 Classes?

Attend our entire class portfolio for $5 per class (10 class minimum) through March 31.

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