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Reserve your spot to build a high performance mind and body.

Developing high quality skills for sport and life.

Our mission is to create versatile athletes who are resilient enough to succeed no matter the environment.

Youth sports has become a battle ground between achieving athletic success and building character to ensure sustainable success for life. The current sporting landscape is more competitive earlier than ever before and the casualties leave life experience in its wake through burnout, self doubt, and injury.

Why do we have our children participate in sports?

Was it originally for fun, health, keep them from idle hands, build personal values?….when did we allow the landscape of the sports environment to ignore these aspects and focus on winning at all cost, at all ages?

If we are to solve any problems within the current system, we need to return to the known aspects of sport with pure intentions and focus on building these personal skills alongside the technical and tactical.

Our program analyzes, builds, and supports the key factors in the fundamental skills for personal leadership. We have built a partnership with Jeremy Boone, of Athlete by Design and Greater Than Average, to develop the first of its kind process for young men and women to live their story through a journey to discover who they are meant to be.

No matter if you are a prospective 5 star athlete, a junior varsity role player, or just wanting to find an after school activity, we have built the culture and concept that molds itself around you in 3 easy steps.

Our 3-part process

  • Know Yourself.

    Take our online mental assessment and schedule your movement analysis to build an inner framework of how the journey is built.

  • Choose Yourself.

    Our movement and leadership professionals will build your advised journey specific to your mission and availability. Through a guided in person meeting or phone call, we will work to make sure you are 100% confident in the process laid out for you.

  • Grow Yourself.

    Utilize our series of performance tools in our portfolio of services and lean on our community of partners and ambassadors to ensure the most success.

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